How to choose a wedding hairstyle

Your wedding day is definitely one day that you’ll want someone else to do your hair. With so many other things going on, won’t it be nice to have someone pamper you on the big day? So, the question is, how do you choose a wedding hairstyle?

  1. Do your research: Before you find your hairstylist, do some research on what styles you like. Think about what feel you want for your wedding day – boho, modern, simple or elegant, just to name a few. This will impact the hairstyle you choose. You can get some great ideas by looking at Pinterest and pinning your favourite looks. Choose a wedding hairstyle that will complement your wedding dress and one that you’ll love years later.

  2. Ask for referrals: One of the best ways to find the right hairstylist for your wedding is to reach out to your own circle of friends and family. Ask who they have used in the past and what experience they’ve had with their hairstylists.

  3. Make sure you do a trial run: Do a test run before the wedding day so you can experiment different styles and find out what you like. The last thing you want is to test styles the day of the wedding. You’ll have so many other things to think about that day, you won’t want to stress about your hair.

  4. Weather and location:  Think about the weather and the location of your wedding when you choose a wedding hairstyle. If your wedding is taking place outdoors in a hot, humid location, consider an updo to avoid frizzy, sticky hair or your curls falling out.

  5. Show, don’t just tell: When you speak to your hair stylist, make sure you show him/her the styles you’re thinking about instead of just describing the look. What you may consider wavy may be curly to someone else.

  6. Have an open mind: Be open to trying different styles before you settle on the one you want. Sometimes a style that you may not even think about trying will be the one that you fall in love with.

  7. Be vocal: Don’t be afraid to tell your hairstylist if you don’t like a style that she’s showing you. Remember, it’s your special day and you should choose a wedding hair style that you love. You should get exactly what you’re imagining on your wedding day!

  8. Headpiece, veil or no veil: Think about whether you’re going to wear a veil or a headpiece on your wedding day. This will also impact what you choose for your wedding hairstyle. Heavy combs are not recommended for someone with exceptionally fine hair, as it will not stay up. And, if you’re wearing a veil, you’ll want to stay away from light, airy updos.

  9. Hair length, volume and texture: The length of your hair, the volume and the texture will have an impact on what you choose for your wedding hairstyle. Some hair styles work better with thicker hair or longer hair. It’s not to say if you have medium-length hair, that you can’t have an amazing updo style. A hairstylist who knows what he/she is doing will be able to add volume with product or include extensions etc. to get the right style. However, you’ll need to be aware of what it will take to get you the look your want.

  10. Be prepared: Make sure you ask you hairstylist how he/she prefers your hair for the big day. Some hairstylists may want you to blow dry your hair the day before he/she styles it. Regardless of the style, never straighten your hair with flat iron before it gets styled – it will make styling more difficult on your big day.
Most of all, enjoy the process! Have some fun when you choose a wedding hairstyle – it’s your day to look and feel beautiful!

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