Destination wedding dresses

You’ve locked the date and you’re planning a fantastic destination wedding in an exotic location, so what do you need to know when it comes to finding the ideal wedding dress? A few tips for the blushing bride to be:

Location, location, location
Before you begin dress shopping, make sure to solidify the destination of your wedding. This will determine what kind of dress you’ll want to buy for your special day. What you might wear for a tropical wedding could be very different than what you’d wear in a cooler destination. 

It’s all about the material
If you’re planning a tropical wedding, then you’ll want to look for breathable, light-weight material that won’t be bulky, like chiffons or organzas. The last thing you want is to sweat up a storm because your dress is too heavy in the heat.  Silk chiffons, silk organzas or silk poly-blends are great because they are easier to care for in tropical destinations.  They don’t wrinkle as much and won’t require heavy-duty ironing. If you’re choosing a dress with lace, then a Chantilly lace might be best as it is also light-weight.
For cooler destination weddings, you can wear most fabrics such as satine, mikado, and satin, duchess silks without having any issues.

So many styles to consider 
The wedding dress style for a destination wedding may differ as well. For tropical locations, softer silhouettes like A-line or soft mermaid dresses work really well, as they are more flowy and light. Ball gown dresses tend to be more bulky for a beach wedding because of the crinoline underneath. Remember, you’ll need to transport the dress to the wedding destination and ball gowns are a bit more challenging to transport. There are so many short dress options as well that you can consider which would be perfect for a beach wedding.
For cooler destinations, long-sleeve dresses, or even capped sleeves could work well. You can also go for a dress with heavier fabric or layering, which can keep you warmer.

Transporting your dress
Transporting the wedding dress carefully will be important.  If you’re flying to your destination, then take your gown on the plane rather than checking it in as luggage. Most planes have coat closets and you can always ask if they’ll allow you to hang the dress there.  If you choose a light, simple, flowy gown, that may be easier for you to fold and take with you. The majority of hotels offer the service of pressing your gown the day of your wedding, but always call in advance to double check.  Make sure that you order your dress in advance so that you get it in time for your travel date. Otherwise, you’ll be scrambling to find a new dress last minute, which normally doesn’t end well.

A destination wedding can be fun and exciting. Choosing your wedding dress is one element of your special day that will take some thinking. While planning your big day, the most important thing to remember is to find a wedding dress that you’ll be comfortable in based on the destination you choose!

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