The Wedding Veil – A Shopping Guide for the Bride-to-be

A woman wearing a veil in her wedding dress

Your wedding veil is one of those accessories that really completes the look of your wedding gown. And, there are so many styles to choose from! So, what should you think about when you’re choosing your wedding veil? Here are a few things to consider before you go shopping:

  • Wedding Veil length: How long do you want your veil to be? Short, medium or long? You can go with a shorter wedding veil like the birdcage or the blusher veil. Or, if you want something that is a bit longer, a mid-length one will work well. If you’re looking for a long, dramatic wedding veil, then a chapel or cathedral style is the way to go. The length of the wedding veil will really depend on the style of the dress you choose. At your bridal fittings, make sure that you try on the different lengths/styles to see how it looks with your wedding gown.
  • Style:  There are several different styles of wedding veils to choose from – birdcage, blusher, mantilla, dropped veil, tiered, waterfall (to name a few). The veil you choose should complement what you’re wearing, not take away from the look.
    • Birdcage or Blusher veil: These are short wedding veils that would look great with more of a retro look. 1940s or 1950s style wedding gowns would look great with birdcage or blusher veils.
    • Classic veils: These typically look good with any type of silhouette.
    • Cathedral length: These types of wedding veils tend to be more dramatic and cover the back of the dress. If you want to show off your sexy back, the cathedral length veil may not be your best option.
  • Colour: When you’re choosing your wedding veil, make sure that the colour matches the dress. If your dress is off-white but the wedding veil is pure white, this may not look the best aesthetically. You want to match the colour to your dress as best you can. If you’re shopping online for your wedding veil, keep in mind that the colour in the photography may not be the true colour. See if you can get a sample so that you can compare the colour to your dress fabric.
  • Embellishments: Along with the style of the wedding veil comes the embellishments. Again, consider what type of wedding gown you would choose to help you select the right veil. If your gown is simpler and more elegant, then you could go with a more embellished wedding veil. However, if your dress is already ornate with beading or lace, you may want a veil that is bit simpler.
  • Hair Style: Don’t forget your hair! When choosing your wedding veil, think about what type of hair style you’d like on your special day. Will you want to have an up-do, half-up, half- down or leave your hair down for the wedding? Some veils (i.e. Oval shaped, Mantilla, Drop Veil or the Blusher Veil), attach to the head with a comb. With these styles, think about how the wedding veil will be positioned based on the hair style you have in mind.
  • Location: Consider the venue and the location of your wedding as well when you’re choosing your wedding veil. If you’re planning a destination wedding on a beach, a cathedral length veil may not be the best option. It can get very windy on a beach. Longer veils also tend to catch on twigs, leaves etc. if you’re planning an outdoor wedding.

Keep these things in mind when you’re starting your wedding veil shopping! Accessories are meant to add a little embellishment to your gown, so find something that will complement your dress beautifully! Happy hunting!

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