A Taline woman sees herself as unique and deserving of a garment that captures her true essence. She values ‘made in Canada’, extraordinary quality and expert advice. Her special garment flows perfectly from her body’slines, angles and curves. And it’s as comfortable as it is gorgeous. Whether traditional, earthy, dreamer, or some of each, the Taline woman wants a garment that reflects who she is.

See yourself as a Taline woman.

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Emma | Traditionalist

The traditionalist, Emma is romantic and a bit flirty. Her stylist knows how to bring yesterday’s traditions to spectacular new heights. Think classic and timeless with luxurious comfort and a pinch of decadence. Emma wants a gown that respects the past but fits this era’s sense of romance and sensuality.

Ashley | Goddess

Ashley is all about being in tune with her body and with nature. Her stylist respects her deep passion for sustainability and understands how to interpret this through natural fabrications and free flowing fashion. Ashley wants to be as comfortable in her gown as she is in her body. And she wants a gown that is as spectacular as nature itself.

Sarah | Dreamer

Sarah is a dreamer. Whimsical says it all when it comes to her style and her attitude. The fabrications need to move in unexpected ways – in a word, magical. Her stylist understands that fanciful exploration is the key to landing Sarah’s style. Sarah wants a gown that is dreamlike yet anchored to her path.

Maitland | Gender fluid

Maitland is a force of nature. Committed to evolving the norm, they feel most comfortable in the modern realm as they define it. A gown is not their comfort zone. Maitland’s stylist understands fluidity and knows the key to success is to listen and explore. Maitland wants a garment that punctuates their own vision of strength and beauty.

A few words about Taline
Taline Assadourian is the creative genius behind Taline designs. She designs and handcrafts all her garments from her studio in Toronto. Prior to founding her own label, Taline worked with several prestigious Canadian designers, including legendary fashion icons Wayne Clark and Pat McDonagh. She also spent time in Paris perfecting her techniques in couture design.

How it works
There are two paths to the perfect gown.

Taline can guide you to the right gown from her collections and work with you to make it perfect for your shape and personality. And – wait for it – alterations are included in the cost of the gown! If starting from scratch is more your style, Taline’s superior stylist skills and design artistry will make your custom journey unique and spectacular.

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