What To Think About For Your Luxury Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings have become much more common this past year, especially due to Covid-19. With the changing environment and restrictions on number of guests permitted in venues, backyards have quickly become a venue option for happy couples. If you are planning a backyard wedding, here are a few things to think about:  

  • Beautifying the yard: If you are getting married in your backyard, landscaping is something you do not want to forget. You will want your backyard to look beautiful and give the flowers time to bloom and fill in. Plan the maintenance of your yard in advance. You can always hire a landscaper to look after the design and maintenance. In terms of your yard, you will also want to make sure that your lawn is level, especially if you are planning on adding a dance floor.

  • Restrooms: Backyard weddings are definitely not like event venues, especially when it comes to restrooms. Most event venues have several bathrooms to accommodate the large volumes of guests. If you are setting up your backyard for a beautiful wedding, and you have a guest list over 20 people, you will want to have additional restrooms available. Check out some portable luxury toilet trailers that could provide some great options.

  • Homeowner’s insurance: Check to see what is covered under your home insurance if you are planning a luxury backyard wedding. You will want to make sure you are covered in case anything happens, including property damage.

  • Check permits: If you are planning a luxury backyard wedding, you will want to confirm with your city officials whether you are permitted to host a large party at your home. There may be noise regulations, or health department regulations, fire codes or zoning issues.

  • Neighbours: The last thing you want is crabby neighbours. Make sure you are respectful and let your neighbours know ahead of time that you will be hosting a backyard wedding and to expect some partying in the evening. You do not want them to call the police or come over during the festivities to complain about the noise.

  • Parking: At a backyard wedding, you will need to think about where your guests will park. Check to see what the regulations are on street parking and if there are any restrictions for overnight parking. If there are restrictions, you can consider a valet service to park in a parking lot nearby. Of course, make sure you tell your guests ahead of time.

  • Cleaning up: Make sure you have enough garbage cans and recycling bins to collect all the waste at your backyard wedding. You may even be able to ask your caterer if they can take care of emptying the waste/recycling bins throughout the event.

  • Back up plan: Weather is unpredictable and if you are getting married outside, you have to think about possible rain/thunderstorms, cooler weather, overly hot weather etc. Always have a back up plan. It will give you piece of mind. There is no reason why your Plan B cannot be as amazing as your original plan. What can you do if it starts to rain? Depending on the size of your guest list, and the size of your home, you can either move the party indoors, or put a hold on a tent. Think about getting fans or even propane heaters to prepare for different temperatures.

  • What you will need to rent: Make a list of what you may need to rent for your backyard wedding. Include the following essentials on the list: chairs, tables (cocktail & dinner), cutlery, napkins, linens, dance floor, decorations, lighting, guest book table, gift table, bar, centerpieces, place settings, garbage/recycling bins.
  • Food: As with any wedding, you will want to feed your guests! Research some caterers for various food options. Think about what kind of food you want serve at your backyard wedding. Find out if the caterers specialize in the kind of food you would like at the wedding if you have something specific in mind. Make sure the caterer has a license. You want to make sure they meet local health department standards and carry liability insurance, including liquor liability insurance. If your caterer plans on serving alcohol, they will need to have liquor liability insurance.

  • Decorations: How do you want to decorate your natural event space? What colours will you use for your backyard wedding? Do you have a theme? Just like a traditional event venue, you will want to think about all the little details to decorate your space, including the colour of your table cloths, the tables, chairs, center pieces. Will you want greenery, plants etc.

  • Electricity: Twinkle lights, mini lanterns with candles, café lights and votives are all options you can consider to light up your backyard for your beautiful evening. Think about how much electricity you will be using and if you need a back up generator.

Although a backyard wedding is very different from a banquet hall or event space, it can still be a beautiful venue to your wedding day. If you are looking for an intimate, cozy wedding in the great outdoors, it is definitely an option!

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