Bridal colour scheme ideas for your wedding

Red, blue, green, white, violet, black. What will you choose when you’re looking for your bridal colour scheme? Choosing the colour scheme for your wedding is one of the first things you’ll do when you start the planning process. It’s important because it will impact several other elements in your planning – the place settings, the flowers, decorations, your bridal party’s dresses.

What you choose for your bridal colour scheme may depend partly on the season you’re getting married. Although there are some universal colours that may work well in any season, there are definitely some shades that are more popular in spring/summer vs. fall/winter. For example, yellows, oranges or peach colours are great in summer weddings because they are bright and airy, but may look out of place in a winter wedding. And remember, if you’re looking to find flowers that match your dress colour, some of the bright flower options that are available in the summer may not be available in the wintertime. Winter colours tend to be darker shades of the summer colours. So, instead of light green or light blue, you might be looking for dark blue or forest green for a winter wedding. Here are some ideas to consider for the different seasons:

Fall Colour Scheme Ideas

  • Deep purple with gold/forest green
  • Burnt orange and lime
  • Umber or reddish-brown with yellow
  • Brown and blue/cyan

Winter Colour Scheme Ideas

  • Cranberry red with brown/bronze or gold
  • Cranberry with creamy white
  • Pale blue and white
  • Forest green and white
  • Brown/cream and purple
  • Dark purple, light purple or green
  • Purple and grey
  • Dark blue and white

Spring Colour Scheme Ideas

  • Yellow or sand colour or brown
  • Light blue/tiffany blue and gold and rose pink (light)
  • Grey and Violet
  • Tangerine and Sherbert

Summer Colour Scheme Ideas

  • Champagne and lavender purple or pink
  • Light blue, white and gold
  • Black and white
  • Peach and grey
  • Dusty rose and mauve
  • Light blue and dark brown

Which colours are you thinking of choosing for your wedding?

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