The Winter Wedding: Advantages for the Winter Bride

Bride having a winter wedding

Have you chosen your wedding date? It’s one of the first decisions you’ll make as an engaged couple. The question is...will you want a summer wedding or a winter wedding? Many women will opt for a summer wedding for obvious reasons - warm temperatures, outdoor pictures in beautiful gardens, and no snowy/mucky weather. Although summer weddings are lovely, there are some great advantages of being a winter bride, so don’t count out winter weddings! Here are a few benefits:

  • More venue dates: As many women veer towards the summer months for their pending nuptials, there are less dates available to choose from. For a winter wedding, you may have better luck finding dates that work for you.

  • Less costly: As the winter months are in the off-season, the costs tend to be cheaper. You’ll be surprised at the dinner options you can get at reduced prices, a clear advantage of a winter wedding!

  • Winter accessories: There’s something to be said about beautiful winter accessories. Think about the lovely capelets or wedding coats you could be wearing as a winter bride. I don’t know about you, but I love to stay warm!

  • Winter wedding photos: Summer weddings are synonymous with beautiful garden pictures. Don’t forget the stellar photos you could be taking in the winter months as well! There’s a reason why they call it a winter wonderland. Imagine a snowy, picturesque wedding photo with you and your handsome groom. Crisp, white, beautiful.

  • Don’t have to deal with unmanageable hair: Any woman with natural curls knows that frizzy hair comes with the territory, especially when the weather is humid. One clear advantage of a winter wedding is that you don't have to deal with all that humidity!

  • Excessive heat: Heat can make things very uncomfortable for the bridal party. Imagine wearing a long, sometimes heavy wedding dress on a sweltering hot day. And for the groom, wearing a black tux will surely attract heat! You won’t have to worry about this excessive heat at a winter wedding.

  • Unique transportation options: If you’ve ever dreamed of a sleigh ride or a horse and carriage ride, why not take advantage of it on your wedding, depending on where you are getting married? It’s beautiful and magical at the same time.

  • Cheaper for guests: Winter weddings are also more cost effective for the guests as well. Hotels and flights are cheaper in the off-season, also a great advantage of winter weddings.

Weddings in the summer are fantastic, and remember that there are plenty of benefits to being a winter bride as well! The advantages for a winter wedding is many, whether it’s better availability for venue dates or lower costs for you and your guests, it’s become a great option for couples over the years!  

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