Moonlight Sonata

The need for finding happiness and beauty in surroundings has never been greater. Life has been especially difficult recently, rife with uncertainty, seclusion, and the hope for better days. Breaking free from the current reality and embracing new paths, new adventures is the inspiration behind TALINE Design’s latest collection, Moonlight Sonata.

The collection pays homage to Beethoven’s unforgettable Symphony No. 14, which pushed the boundaries of the traditional movement of classical music of the time. Inspired by the avant-garde flow of the piece, both melancholy yet vibrant and free, this collection awakens the fantasy-like feel of the Sonata. The Spanish and Italian influences on the music are brought to life through beautiful Spanish and Italian laces and romantic silhouettes. The designs are flowy, emulating the notion of freedom and free movement as society tries to break free from the pandemic, yearning for normal life. The designs also incorporate three sections/ three panels for many of the pieces, to mimic the three movements in the Moonlight Sonata that made it so unforgettable.