Winter Colour Ideas For The Fashionista In You!

The crisp air, the falling leaves and the darker mornings have signaled that winter is upon us. There are many people who dread winter, and who could blame them? It means below zero temperatures, snowy weather and of course the switch from our light and airy dresses to our heavier wardrobes. Although the winter season may be undesirable for some, there are some things to look forward to, besides winter wonderland landscapes and a countdown to Christmas holidays. And, fashion is just one of them, especially the cocktail dresses! Winter colours, here we come!

Although staple winter colours are darker, consisting of black, browns, and greys, there are also many other colours you can wear to brighten up your wardrobe in these cold winter months. If you are not someone who likes to wear colour, don’t shy away from something new, as you may be pleasantly surporised. Veer away from the colours you normally wear and try a few of my favourites!

  • Emerald Green: Emerald green is a classic winter colour that symbolizes wealth, royalty and sophistication. It is a bright, vivid shade and looks fantastic on women who have dark hair or medium skin tones (i.e. olive colour). It also looks great on women who have fair skin and cooler undertones.
  • Red: If you’re looking to make a statement, red is the winter colour you want. After all, it is the colour of blood and fire. It is associated with passion, power and love. It is a bold colour and very hard to miss. It’s also a very festive colour for Christmas time/holiday season. Red looks especially nice on women whose skin tone has rosy/peach undertones. Although a very eye-catching colour that many shy away from, it’s a beautiful colour if you’re in the mood to really stand out. 
  • Purple/Eggplant: A winter colour that has been associated with creativity and imagination, purple is also another jewel tone that conveys extravagance and nobility. Purples look especially wonderful on medium and dark skin tones. It is a beautiful, deep colour if you’re looking for something that is not as bold as red.
  • Blue: One of my absolute favourite winter colours, not only because it is often associated with tranquility and calmness, but also because it symbolizes trust, confidence and truth, blue is a lovely colour for the winter months. The darker blues, such as the cobalt blue and royal blue are the colours I love the most. These again look great on the medium and dark skin tones. This colour also looks fantastic on women with darker hair, as it proviides a dramatic contrast to the beautiful blue.
  • Winter White: White is a winter colour that represents purity and innocence. It’s fresh and simple and symobolizes a fresh start. Winter white is not a stark white and tends to be more on the side of ivory or greyed out white. It is a great winter colour because it is a neutral shade that you can wear with most any colour. It is too harsh a colour to wear for women with fair skin, but really pops on dark skin tones.

These winter colours are just some of my favourites for the colder season. Don’t let the cold weather give you the winter blues and try out some of these colours to brighten up the winter months. T'is the season to try something new, right?

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