Wedding Veil Options for the Bride

Bridal veil

You have picked the date, chosen the venue, the colours and the flowers. So, what’s next? In the wedding planning process, you cannot forget the accessories! And what’s at the top of the accessories list, if it is not the wide variety of beautiful wedding veils? One thing to note is that there are different types of wedding veils you can choose from. Here are a few options for you to consider:

  • Classic Bridal Veil: The classic style is a U-shaped wedding veil that gathers onto a comb. The classic veil is very common and will complement almost any silhouette nicely.

  • Blusher Veil: A blusher veil is a short, classic style wedding veil that falls gently over the face and ends at the top of the bride’s dress. The veil is meant to be lifted once the bride is presented to the groom. Most blusher veils are attached to a comb.
  • Drop Veil or Circle Veil: A drop wedding veil is circle or oval-shaped and has the comb sewn into the veil. This is a type of blusher veil that is designed to sit over your face during the wedding ceremony and can be pulled back to create a layered effect. The hair comb sits flat against your head and the wedding veil is draped over the head with no gathering so that there is no puffiness.

  • Lace Mantilla Veil: The mantilla veil is a Spanish style tulle veil trimmed with a beautiful, intricate lace border that frames the face. It is a single tier wedding veil without gathers and tends to be worn draped over the head with a comb so that it can be placed right at the front of the head above the forehead. It comes in various lengths, with the most common being the cathedral or the fingertip length. If you’re looking for a timeless, sophisticated, regal look, then the Mantilla wedding veil is a great option for you.
  • Oval Shaped Veil: The oval shaped veil is very similar to the Mantilla veil but does not include the lace border. It is cut more in a square shape with the corners slightly rounded. The wedding veil tends to hang straight at the sides and, depending on the style you’re looking for, it can be made with several layers and any fullness. The edge of the veil is gathered into a comb.
  • Bridal Cap Veil: A vintage style that came about from the 20’s art deco era. This wedding veil is generally made with two layers and gathered at each side, creating a cap over the head. It can also be made with just one layer. The gathered area is often covered with floral or jewel embellishments.
  • Birdcage Veil: First popular in the 50’s, this is a vintage style wedding veil with a cropped length (generally 9-10’ in length). A birdcage veil is made with birdcage or Russian netting which has the large diamond shapes.
  • Tiered Veil: A wedding veil that has more than one layer. Tiered veils provide a fuller look and the shorter layer can also be worn as a blusher, if desired.
  • Angel Cut or Waterfall Veil: A classic, timeless style that flows down the back and is cut in a V-shape with the sides folding and tapering delicately in the back in a cascading effect.

So many beautiful options to consider...which style of wedding veil will you choose?

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