Wedding trends through Covid

This year has been unlike any other for many industries due to Covid-19 pandemic. The bridal industry has especially been impacted by the coronavirus. With the lockdown that occurred during the summer months, the wedding stores and event spaces were closed. Social distancing mandates continue and restrictions on the number of guests at events and venues continue to evolve as the Covid situations changes. Many brides and grooms have changed their wedding dates for the following year. What are some of the wedding trends that have risen due to Covid pandemic?

  • Micro weddings/elopements: Smaller wedding vs. larger ones are more popular this year. Even when venues are fully re-opened, capacity limits will be less and weddings may be scaled back to around 50-100 people. Some couples are eloping so that they don’t have to wait to get married.

  • Virtual Live streaming: It’s no longer feasible to invite large numbers of guests to weddings, due to safety concerns, at least until the Covid 19 vaccine is available. Couples are using video-conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, Instagram to include people in their special day.

  • Receptions later than the wedding: Many couples are getting married today and saving the big festivities until a later date, when it’s safe to have a large party and get their family/friends together.

  • Unconventional venues: Many brides/grooms are veering away from the large banquet halls and option to get married at restaurants or backyards under tents etc. due partly to the number of guest restrictions and the smaller weddings.

  • City Hall: Another option that brides and grooms are doing more of is getting married at City Hall.

These are just some of the trends we will see this year. With the Covid crisis, based on the Disease Control, the number of guests at weddings will continue to be small until there is wide roll out of the vaccine. Let’s hope for a quick return to normal! In the meantime, if you’re getting married during this time, it may be difficult to plan your wedding, but be creative! Your wedding day will be just as special. When else can you say “I got married during a pandemic!”

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