Wedding Superstitions

Do you believe in superstitions? We’ve all heard them over the years. I’m sure at one point or another, you’ve heard the following; “if you find a penny, pick it up, or all day long you’ll have bad luck.” Some of us believe in these superstitions, and some of us do not. There are some common wedding superstitions as well that are believed to be good luck or bad luck on a wedding day. Some have these superstitions have been around for years. Here are the top 6 wedding superstitions and their meanings:

  • Rain on your wedding day: Superstition says that rain on a bride’s wedding day is meant to bring good luck to the happy couple. I always thought that you say this to a bride so that she doesn’t cry at her misfortune on her wedding day. After all, no woman wants to be wearing white on a rainy day. So, what is rain meant to signify? There are several beliefs. Some say that rain is meant to represent fertility and cleansing. If it rains on your wedding day, it signifies a long-lasting marriage, or the cleansing of bad times/sadness. And then there are some that say rain on a wedding day represents unity. Just as a wet knot is hard to untie, rain on the day of your wedding means that your marriage will be just as hard to unravel.
  • Wearing white on your wedding day: White has been the go-to colour choice for wedding dresses since the 1840s when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert. It is a colour that has always represented purity and innocence. Many believe that if you do not wear white on your wedding day, that it will bring bad luck.  
  • Wearing a wedding dress before you are a bride: They say that a woman should never try on a wedding dress until she is engaged, as it is bad luck. By wearing a bridal gown before she is engaged, it is believed that she will never get married. Wives tale or not? Who knows.
  • Seeing your groom before the wedding day: It is believed that it is bad luck for a bride to see her groom before the wedding day, a tradition that is still followed today. The meaning behind this tradition dates back to the times of arranged marriages. In those days, it was thought that if a couple saw each other before the ceremony, it would give them a chance to change their minds.
  • Crying on your wedding day: A bride who cries on her wedding day is meant to be good luck. It symbolizes that she has shed all her tears and has no more to shed during the marriage. Make sure you have your mini wedding prep kit with you with some makeup!
  • Knives as a wedding gift: Knives as a wedding gift are thought to be bad luck because it signifies a broken relationship! So, consider this when you’re thinking about gift ideas for a happy couple.

Many of these wedding superstitions are deeply rooted in the past. Although wedding ceremonies have changed over the years, some of these superstitions are still believed today. What are some superstitions that you still believe? Do you believe in these wedding superstitions and will you follow them on your special day?

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