The Meaning Behind Your Wedding Flowers

They say that flowers are symbolic, that they can represent certain emotions, such as passion, love, friendship or loss.  So, naturally, when you’re looking for flowers for your wedding day, the meaning of certain bouquets may be something you want to consider. Here are some of my flower-favourites and their meanings:

Roses: What better way to represent passion and love than a wonderful rose? Roses always offer an element of beauty and elegance in a bouquet. There are many different kinds of roses that you can choose from for your wedding and several different colours. Each colour represents something different (i.e. white rose represents purity/innocence, yellow represents friendship or caring, pink represents elegance or femininity etc.), so the choices are endless!

Lilies: Lilies are the flowers that represent purity and innocence. They are also the flowers most associated with funerals because they symbolize the soul of the departed. Whether it’s Calla Lilies or Tiger Lilies, or just plain lilies, it’s a flower that brides choose because they are graceful and elegant. Calla Lilies, in particular are quite popular in bouquets because they have a trumpet-shaped blossom and a regal look. In terms of colour choices, there are several other colours that you can choose from, including orange, pink, mauve/purple or yellow.

Hydrangeas: Hydrangeas are thought to represent perseverance and sincere emotions. If you’re looking for full-bodied flowers with a round beautiful bloom, they are a great choice! Hydrangeas do come in a variety of different colours, including white, green, blue, or pink.

Chrysanthemum: Sometimes called mums, these flowers represent optimism, happiness, long life and fidelity. It is a cheerful flower and comes in a variety of colours, including yellow, gold, pink, deep red and purple. Brides tend to choose these because they are long-lasting and reasonably priced.

Dahlias: Dahlias are meant to represent dignity/pomp and elegance. Dahlias are a classic option with plenty of options for colours, patterns and sizes. 

Delphinium:  Delphiniums or larkspur are vibrant flowers that can bloom with single, double or demi-double flowers, otherwise knowns as florets. They represent lightheartedness and vivacity. The most common colours are blues or purples but also come in white and pink.

Hyacinth: These flowers represent playfulness, rashness and sport. Hyacinths are spring-blooming flowers that have a lovely fragrance and beautiful star-shaped blooms. There’s plenty of options in terms of colours: cream, white, apricot, pink, purple, blue, lavender, and rose.

Lilac: Lilacs come in purple, white and a blush colour. The purple flowers represent first love, while the white colour symbolizes youthful innocence and purity. Lilacs are spring flowers and tend to have the shortest bloom times.

Orchids: Orchids tend to symbolize exotic beauty and charm. They also represent refinement and femininity. These flowers have several different colours as well as numerous species to choose from for your wedding day.

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