Luxury Fabrics

Your wedding dress is an important part of your special day.  It’s not just the style and the silhouette that you’ll need to think about, it’s the fabric too.  Styles of dresses tend to vary based on the fabric that is used – some are better to create a structured look, and others are better for lighter, flowier looks. Here’s what to expect with some of the key luxury fabrics out there:

Satin:  This fabric is characterized by its smooth finish and generally lustrous surface with a dull back. Satin is the most durable of wedding dress fabrics and very versatile, making it a great option for more structured designs. The fabric comes in a large variety of weights and different kinds of blends (i.e. silk, polyester or blend).  Fabrics that are made from natural fibers are more breathable but are also much more expensive and wrinkle more easily, which is why blends and synthetics have emerged. The thickness of the fabric lends itself well to cooler weather weddings.

Mikado: Luxurious type of blended silk that is generally heavier than 100% silk, which provides great structure to gowns. This fabric is soft to the touch and will keep you cool and fresh.

Lace: Most often used as a decorative detail or an overlay on a gown, lace is an open fabric that is created in a specific pattern through the use of spaces and solids.  It varies in style (ie. Chantilly, Venise, Guipure) and is prone to snags, as is the case with Tulle.

Charmeuse: A light, slinky fabric with a beautiful glossy sheen that feels like satin to the touch. It’s generally made of silk but can also be made of synthetic fibers. 

Organza:  Much like chiffon, this fabric is crisp, lightweight and sheer, but with a stiffer texture (like tulle). This fabric tends to be flowy and delicate and can also be prone to snags. It is traditionally made from silk and used often to layer a gown. Because it is lightweight, it’s great for weddings in warmer weather.

Tulle: A light, sheer fabric that looks like netting. It’s an extremely delicate fabric that can be snagged easily.  It is generally used for skirts and can be made in silk, rayon or nylon.  

Chiffon: A very sheer, transparent fabric that is very lightweight. Due to the transparency of the fabric, it tends to be used to layer overskirts. It’s usually made of silk or synthetic fibers. It’s a very delicate fabric that can snag or fray easily.

Brocade: Traditionally for fall and winter seasons, this fabric is jacquard-woven and includes raised designs. This fabric is now also being used in the summer season.  

These are just a few of the common luxury fabrics out there – there are several other ones that you may find when you are searching for your perfect wedding gown.  Happy shopping!

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