Fun Shoe Trends   

Shoes, shoes, shoes.  They say that shoes make an outfit, and I completely agree. No matter what you wear, whether it is an evening gown, a bridal gown, or a pair of jeans, the right pair of shoes can really make your garment pop. One of the key elements that I look for when I’m shoe shopping is the “wow factor.”  When I say “wow factor,” I don’t necessarily mean they have to be blingy (although I do like bling on my shoes), but they do have to catch my eye and have something unique that makes them stand out.

A pair of shoes that caught my eye was during my travels to Europe awhile back. I was in an artsy part of London, England called Camden market. It’s a market with many retailers, and a great vibe. As I was strolling through the market, I came across KoKo Art, talented designers that customize runners (among other things). They had several runners on display, all of them with interesting designs, hand-painted by the lovely artists on-site. Of course, I wanted to get a unique pair for myself and I loved the idea of customizing my sneakers. The process was simple:

  1. Choose the type of sneakers that you wanted (you could select one of three different options)
  2. Select the size
  3. Choose the design. 

There were several binders full of different designs that you could choose from, and if you wanted something completely different, all you had to do was ask. One of my friends wanted to take a pair home for her kids but was looking for something Disney related. If the artists weren’t familiar with a character, they were still able to design something amazing by just glancing at a picture of the cartoon. The result was an adorable set of mini runners, which is sure to be the envy of any child. The cost of the shoes depends on what size you order and the artists at KoKo Art can hand-paint the shoes in an hour, unless they have a backlog of orders.

As I always say, a great pair of shoes can be a work of art. What shoe trends do you love?

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