Fall 2021 Trends for Evening Dresses

Fall/Winter is upon us and with that comes exciting fall fashion, especially the fall 2021 trends in evening wear.  Although our social lives may have been a bit less active this year than in previous years, things are starting to get back to a new normal, and you may be thinking about what 2021 trends to look forward to for fashion in the fall. Here are a few evening dress trends to watch out for this season:

  • Tie closures: There are several different closures used on garments, whether it is zippers, snaps, buttons, or hooks. This season, look for sexy tie closures in the evening wear collections!
  • Long sleeves: As the weather gets colder, long sleeves will creep into the wardrobe. Who doesn’t want to work stylish and stay warm at the same time?
  • Peekaboo: Peekaboo is just what it sounds like, it’s about revealing certain glimpses of the body. Much like us coming out of hiding, one of the hot evening wear trends this season is sexy cut outs, showcasing certain areas of the body, whether it be your torso, legs, or waistline.
  • High necks: While the plunging neckline will be popular this season, the high neckline is also a keeper this fall. Stylish yet
  • Plunging necklines: Sexy is in this season and what better way to amp up the sex appeal than with a plunging neckline. This type of neckline serves to elongate the frame and bring attention to the upper body. Expect the plunge to go as deep as down to the waistline this season!
  • Flowy silhouettes: Romantic and feminine, the flowy silhouette is a great option for women looking for that elegant, airy look which will be popular this season.
  • Sleek silhouettes: On the opposite end of the spectrum, although flowy silhouettes are aplenty, if you’re looking for that sleek look, not to worry, the form-fitting, shapely silhouettes are also in season.
  • Capes: A great accessory to an evening gown and the 2021 trend that will make a big splash this fall is the cape. Whether it is the same colour as the evening gown or a contrast colour, you can expect the capes to be long, beautiful and flowy.
  • Bows: Large bows are also on the horizon. Think big, flashy, statement bows to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to the dress, whether it is at the waistline or near the shoulder.
  • High slits: This 2021 trend is sure to turn some heads. Get ready to show some leg this season! Slits are in fashion and they are high, high, high this fall, showcasing the full length of the leg. It’s all about exposing that sexy leg this fall.

With these great Fall/Winter evening dress 2021 trends on the way, what more can we ask for? Let us know which trend you are most looking forward to!

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