6 Things to Think About When Choosing Wedding Music

Violinist playing on wedding day

Choosing your wedding music is an essential part of the wedding planning process. Music is something that’s present throughout the whole day – when you walk down the aisle in your beautiful wedding dress, throughout the ceremony. And, don’t forget the reception, when the real fun begins! The options for music are endless, but don’t be overwhelmed. You will find the right wedding songs for your special day! Here are just some of the music decisions that you will have to make on your wedding day:

  • What song will you want to play during the ceremony? You will want to choose a song for the procession, when you are walking down the aisle, and the ceremony. If you’re thinking of getting married in a place of worship, check to see if there are any restrictions in terms of choice of music. Sometimes, if it’s a more conservative venue, you may need to play traditional/religious music when you walk down the aisle. The venue may have a selection of music you can choose from, if this is the case.
  • Would you prefer a DJ, a band, or both at your reception? Some brides/grooms like to have a band and a DJ at their wedding. The DJ takes over when the band takes a break. If you don’t want to get both, you can always have a set mix play during the breaks as well. When you’re looking for your musicians, make sure to ask them for a sample of their work. This way you can gauge if you like his/her work before you commit to working with them.
  • What other musicians will you need for the rest of the day? When choosing your wedding music, think about whether you will want a pianist, a violinist or a saxophone player? You may want other musicians during your wedding day. For example, you may want a violinist or a pianist to play during the ceremony. Or, maybe a saxophone player is what you’ll want for the reception’s cocktail hour.
  • What style of music do you want played at the reception? When you’re making your music selections for the reception, consider the audience. Weddings bring different people and age groups together for celebration. You will want to have a good variation of music to satisfy the crowd and get the party started!
  • What songs will you want played for the special moments?
    • Father-daughter dance
    • Mother-son dance
    • 1st dance as bride and groom
    • Introducing the wedding party

When choosing your wedding music, think about songs that are meaningful to you and your partner. These can be songs that both you and your spouse-to-be like or that remind you of each other. One thing to consider when making your selection is the lyrics to the music you choose. The last thing you’ll want is to slow dance to a song that is about a breakup or broken hearts.

  • Will you want ethnic music playing at the reception? If you plan to have ethnic music at your reception, make sure you choose a DJ that’s familiar with the music. Alternatively, provide the music you’d like at the reception to the DJ. He/she most likely will not know what songs to play at the party. 

These are just some of the things to think about when you start thinking about choosing your wedding music. Take your time, plan out the day. Start off by determining how many key songs you will need throughout the event and go from there. Most of all, have fun with it!

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