Bachelorette Party- Ste. Anne's Spa

It’s time to plan your bachelorette party and you don’t quite know what to do. Should you have a house party, a low-key dinner, go dancing, or maybe do an overnight trip somewhere? Bachelorette parties can be celebrated in many ways.  It just really depends on what kind of party you want for a night out with your gals. If you’re looking for a nice, relaxing option to just get away for a weekend and unwind a bit, I recommend an overnight spa outside of the city. Ste. Anne’s Spa is the perfect place if you’re a Torontonian who wants to stay close to home but still wants to feel like you’re in the country. Rent a cottage with your friends and get the party started! The service is great – they’ll even plan your whole visit for you based on what you’re looking to do while you are there.

There is something for everyone at Ste. Anne’s:

Food: If you’re looking to indulge in some healthy, but delicious meals for a couple days, you don’t have anything to worry about at this place. There are many different options for food – they can accommodate gluten-free, non-dairy or vegan diets. There’s something for everyone here.  And, if you like high tea, you’re in for a treat.  They have some great mini sandwiches, scones and mini desserts for an afternoon snack. Although they don’t serve alcohol at the spa, you can always bring a bottle of wine with you for your meals (or even in your cottage).

Relaxation: There’s no better feeling than being pampered and hanging out in your robe all day. Enjoy many of the spa services available at Ste. Anne’s. Whether it’s a facial, a massage or an exfoliating wrap, just relax and enjoy yourself.  You’ll have free access to the facilities, which includes Eucalyptus steam room, a fieldstone grotto, quiet rooms, lounge areas and beautiful gardens. You can also take some meditation classes if you want to relax your mind. I’m sure they won’t mind if you fall asleep.

Physical Activity: If you want to do some exercise while you are there, there are plenty of options.  You can do circuit training with a personal trainer at the gym, take yoga classes, or go for a hike.  They have a beautiful pool too where you can lounge or take a dip.  And, if you’re a horse lover, you can groom the horses as well.

The accommodations are beautiful, especially the spa cottages. If you’re looking for rustic and cozy, look no further!  You can play boardgames, do puzzles or have your own facial party in the evenings. After a weekend at Ste. Anne’s you’ll go home refreshed and happy! And what better way to spend time with your friends!

Check out the place for yourself!

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