6 Tips On Cocktail Attire For Women

Everyone loves a good party! And, usually, every party has a different dress code. Some parties are casual, others are more formal. If you are a woman attending a cocktail party, you can be sure that cocktail party attire is on top of the list of things to think about. Some women love shopping for that perfect dress – it is an evening out, a time to look your best. Others find evening wear shopping stressful because they cannot always find what they are looking for or they do not know what cocktail attire to select for an evening soiree. 

What cocktail attire to wear to your event will depend on the type of event you are attending. Is it a gala event? Does it have a casual vibe? Is it a sit down dinner or is it just drinks and appetizers? Where is the event taking place? All these elements will help you determine how upscale the event will be and what to wear. Sometimes, if it is an annual event, you can take a peek at the pictures on the website from past events to get an idea of the dress code. My general rule of thumb is that it is always better to be over dressed than under dressed. Here are a few ideas for cocktail attire for women who are struggling to figure out what to wear at their event: 

  • Cocktail Dress: This is my go-to for most cocktail parties. A dress always makes me feel beautiful. What is great about a cocktail dress is that it is very easy to dress up or dress down based on the accessories. With the right shoes and jewelry, you can look completely different. For example, if you wanted to wear more of a simple dress and match it with fancy shoes and accessories, all of a sudden, your cocktail attire is more on the formal side. Alternatively, if you wear a fancier cocktail dress and pair it with understated shoes and jewelry, you minimize the formal look of the dress.
  • JumperIf you do not feel like wearing a dress but you still want something sleek and classy, a nice jumper is a great option for cocktail attire. Jumpers are generally comfortable to wear at an event. Make sure when you select the jumper, it is designed in such a way that you are able to unzip on your own if needed.
  • Skirt & Nice Top: A skirt and a nice top is also a great option for cocktail attire. Unless the skirt or the top is very elaborate, I tend to wear this ensemble to cocktail parties that are a little more casual.
  • Chiffon Pants: Chiffon pants are chic, versatile and soft and a great option to consider for your cocktail attire. Of course you would not just be wearing chiffon pants to your event, you will need a top that you can pair with the pants. An off-the-shoulder top, or a blazer would be a great option to pair with this cocktail attire. The options are truly endless!
  • Pant Suit: A pant suit is another great cocktail attire option for women who generally want to avoid dresses like the plague. A cocktail party does not always mean you need to wear a dress. Evening suits can be both classy and sexy and are a great option for these types of events. A nice black pant suit is always a safe bet but there are other colours you can choose.
  • Blazer With Dress Pants: If I am really having a hard time finding something to wear, a blazer and dress pants is an easy fix. This is always a classic option, providing a sophisticated look for any event.

When it comes to parties, dress code is always top of mind, but there is always an option for you. Whether you are looking for a cocktail dress, a jumpsuit, a skirt and nice top, a pant suit, chiffon pants and a top or a blazer with dress pants, you cannot go wrong if you choose something that you love. You can dress up or dress down options based on the accessories you pair with them. The perfect outfit is waiting for you! What is your go-to cocktail attire for that special party you are attending? Share your wardrobe ideas with us…

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